Drop Off and Pick Up from Child Care


If you are going to arrive past your usual drop off time please be sure to call the centre and let us know.  If you're late and we don't hear from you we might assume you are not coming and depending on how many other children are absent we might send a teacher home or to another centre.  In that case, if you arrived later we may not have enough teachers to allow your child to stay.  Please call no later than 10:00am if you will be late.  Regular fees would apply in such cases.  Please do not email to say you will be late as we're not always at our computers and so might not receive your message.  


Our teachers plan a range of interesting and engaging activities for your child and it is in their best interest to arrive at a reasonable time in the morning so they can participate in all aspects of our program.  If late arrivals are upsetting to your child or disruptive to the other children you may be asked to arrive by a set time or make other care arrangements.  


At drop off time please allow yourself enough time to help your child undress/dress and bring them into the classroom or playground.  It is important for parents and teachers to communicate about the child’s evening/night and share any relevant messages. 


Staff are required to be in the classroom/playground to maintain our provincially legislated teacher/child ratios and so cannot leave the room to take your child from you in the entry way.  Staff in the staff area or kitchen may not actually be working yet and so should not be expected to take your child.


It is beneficial for your child and will make your morning easier if you have a consistent drop off routine.   Knowing what is happening reduces stress (for you and your child!) and allows your child to feel secure.  


Tips for an Easy Drop Off

  1. Figure out a routine that works for you and then stick to it. 
  2. Talk to your child about your routine.  “It’s time to go to school and see your friends.  When we get there I’m going to give you two kisses and one BIG hug then I am going to go to work.  I will love you ALL day then I will come back as soon as I can”.  Then do exactly that.
  3. Try to drop off at the same time every day.
  4. If your child is upset, it is ok to go.  We will comfort them and help them to engage in play.  Sometimes staying too long, especially when your child is having a rough drop off, can really make it harder for them. 
  5. Be happy and confident. They feed off of your energy so if you feel worried that they will be sad and you feel bad about leaving them, they will sense that and be more upset.  When in doubt – fake it till you make it


At pick up time we ask that you come completely into the classroom/playground and connect with the classroom teacher to receive any messages about your child’s day.  


Late Pick Up

By completing the registration process, parents agree to pick up their child as scheduled.  Staff shifts are made based on the drop off and pick up times provided by parents.  After their shifts staff have their own personal responsibilities, families, plans, etc.  We ask that you be respectful of their personal time by arriving to pick up your child in a timely manner.  Please recognize that if you arrive close to closing time staff might not have the time to speak with you at length about your child’s day.  Staff often have evening workshops, rides waiting for them, buses to catch, etc so if you are even 5 minutes late it can really impact their plans for the evening.  We don’t charge a late fee because we expect that you will be respectful of our staff and make every reasonable effort to pick up your child prior to your scheduled pick up time. 


If you are going to be unavoidably late please do call the centre and let staff know so they can make the necessary arrangements.   Consistent lateness could result in termination of services.


In order to allow the teachers to properly supervise the children throughout the busy circle/lunch/rest routine and because it is disruptive to the group no child may be dropped off or picked up between 11:00am and 2:00pm.